14 Reasons I'm Happy to Turn into my Mum...


Today is my mum's birthday - Happy Birthday Mum! :) 

We've all been through a lot this year (well, the end of 2015 as well) and it's been more important than ever to stick together and support each other. It hasn't been easy either, seeing as I'm in Bournemouth working and everyone else has been at home in Wiltshire, but hey ho. 

To say a big happy birthday to my mum I thought I'd do a mum-themed blog post tonight, so here goes... 

1. Everyone Loves Her
She has so many friends and she's constantly being invited here or there to do various things. 

2. She's There for Everyone
Being a hairdresser, she's always happy to help neighbors and my Granny's friends out by doing their hair for them in her own time. Like she works a full day, then spends another two hours after she's finished, perming hair. I wish I could build up enough energy to work that hard! 

3. Jester Adores Her
Jester, our pooch, absolutely adores my mum. He follows her around the house and spends the evening curled up on the sofa with her. He's even started going to work with her since our other dog passed away. 
4. She Works Really Hard
Like I mentioned before, she is constantly working so hard, doing full days at work and then going home to do more work. 
5. She's Brave
She went through a lot at the end of last year, but the whole time she just carried on like everything was fine and was still there for my when I had a little problems. 
6. She's Crafty
This is a bit of a random one, but she's amazing at crafts. From Mr Blobby knitted sweaters to dog neck scarves, she can make pretty much anything. 

7. She's Followed Her Dream
My mum was a hairdresser for years, but she'd always wanted to have her own craft shop. She started ordering fabric and haberdashery bits and bobs, and started hiring out a market stall. She worked really hard at it, and now has her own shop in the middle of Devizes. 
8. She Encourages Me to Do What I Want
She's always really encouraging when I say there's something I'd like to do. Whenever I was attempting 365 photography projects she asked me everyday how I was getting on, whenever I post a blog post she asks me about it, and when I wanted to go back to college to finish my photography A level she was really supportive. 
9. She's Always Supported My (sometimes crazy) Ambitions
And there's been many! I got really into CSI a few years ago and decided that I wanted to do that as a job. She didn't question it, she just went along with it until it fazed out. She was the same when I went through my acting, modelling, author, vet, and many other stages. 

10. She's Always There for me When I'm 'Having a Moment'

Not to keep on about it, but the end of last year was so hard, so much seemed to go wrong all at once, and it was even harder being away from home for it all. I had a really low point, I would cry for no reason, I didn't want to go out of the house, and I felt so lonely all the time. My mum was there for me constantly, and she made me feel so much better! She would ring me at least once a day, she even came down to stay with me a couple of times and give me a mum hug. 

11. She's Funny
She has all the jokes :) 
12. She's Cute when she Gets the Giggles

13. She Doesn't Let Me Get Lazy 
I'm a student, so it's really easy for me to turn into a lazy lizard when I visit home. But when I visit home my mum keeps me going with little jobs, like hoovering and things. And while I may not appreciate it at the time, I do now. 

14. She's a Great Mum! 

So happy birthday mum! 

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