Sunday Night Curry


I got home from work today thinking, 'It's Sunday, which means Sunday Roast day'... and I really wasn't feeling it. It's not been long since Christmas, and over that time a lot of roast dinners were consumed. I'm not quite ready to jump back in that boat yet! 

So, tonight was Katy's curry night, and it was so delicious, I thought I'd share it out.... plus, it gives me an excuse to stare at photos of it...

Chicken Tikka Masala
Serves 3 (I make up 3, then freeze it up to make ready meals - ooh, sly boots!)
You will need...
1 chicken breast (feel free to use more, but I'm student living at the mo)
1 red onion
Peri Peri Chicken flakes
A little oil
1 bag of spinach (but when it comes to it, throw in as much as you want)
1 sachet of Jamie Oliver's Curried Chickpeas
1 jar of Sainsburys Low Fat Chicken Tikka Masala Sauce
1 sachet of Tilda Pilau rice

First, I like to prepare all the ingredients, so that when it's time for them to do their bit, all I have to do is throw them in. Slice up the onions (I always cut the whole onion in half, then each half in half again, then slice from there... if that makes sense), and dice up the chicken however small you'd like it. That's pretty much it for prep with this recipe. 

 Add a little oil to a pan, and fry up the onions for a minute or so. After this, add the diced chicken, and fry it until the chicken is completely cooked through. This is a good time to pop the rice sachet in the microwave, usually for about two minutes, but double check on the packet, if you're using a cheat rice method like me. 

Add the sprinkle of Peri Peri chicken flakes. You could use whichever spices you wanted, depending on how hot you like your curry - I'm pretty plain when it comes to eating, but these Peri Peri chicken flakes add just enough kick for me. 

Give the sachet of chickpeas a squeeze (oo-er!) to loosen them up (double oo-eh!). Add them to the onions and chicken in the pan, and give them a stir. Add the curry sauce and mix it all up in the pan. If there's some awkward sauce left in the bottle, add a little milk, pop the lid back on and give it a shake. Tip this into the pan then - the milk won't water down the sauce, and you also won't be able to taste it. 

Add as much of the spinach as you like to the pan, and stir for two minutes(ish). I like to add a lot of spinach. It's really good for you, and don't forget, as it cooks it will shrink loads in size, so it's best to either put more in than you think, or put it in bit by bit so you can tell when to stop. 

And voila! One super easy curry! I love this, it literally takes about five minutes to make, and, if you're cooking for one, like me, you can separate the leftovers into tubs and microwave it another day. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

See you next week,

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