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I went to spinning tonight, and honestly, I've sweated from body parts I never knew would sweat. My forearms were sweating. My forearms!

As you probably know, I had a lovely shopping day out with my mum on Wednesday, in Salisbury, and I well and truly treated myself. I thought I do my first attempt at a proper haul post (I did do a Lush order one, ish, but that was only one order). 

First, my jumper from H&M. To be honest, this haul is pretty much all jumpers from H&M, but this one, I think, has been my favourite so far. 

It's a very dark navy blue, knitted, and quite oversized. I am loving oversized jumpers at the minute, they're warm and so comfy. I've been wearing them to work at the moment too, I just spend all my time in a jumper right now. This one has really baggy sleeves too, and I like that the sleeves are 3/4 length. This one was £14.99.  

This is the second item I bought that I have fallen in love with. I didn't know it was possible to love an item of clothing so much, but this skirt has shown me that! And if you'd told me before that I'd ever own a camel leather skirt, let along actually wear it outside the house, I'd have laughed, and told you I'd never be that cool. But, here we are :P

This is from New Look, and it was £14.99 (how good is that for a leather skirt?!)

I bought this jumper in the opposite version last week (the white stripes on navy jumper), and it's literally the best jumper I've ever bought (this is such a gushy post! I'm like an ad for jumpers in general right now). So imagine how happy I was when we walked in and I spotted this version too! 


This was £14.99 as well, from H&M. 

My next jumper was a more basic one. 

It's a really sleek black knitted jumper, and it's a lot thinner than the other jumpers I bought. I think this will be more of an occassion jumper rather than a daytime-for-warmth jumper (oo-er). 

It's a half polo-neck jumper. I really don't get on with polo-neck jumpers, I find them quite constricting, but this I can handle. This one was a bit more expensive, it was £19.99, from H&M again. 

I bought a couple of more boring items. First I bought some tights. 

 And some hairbands, because, somehow, I've managed to work my way through all five hundred of the other hair bands I had lying around my room.

This, I was really excited about. I don't drink enough water during the day, then I find training really hard and I start to feel really unwell if I'm not careful. So I bought this. 

This water bottle is huuuuuuuuge! My thinking is that I'll fill it up in the morning, then sit it on the table at work all day, and it'll be much more of an incentive to keep drinking water all day. Well, that's the hope. 

And finally, I treated myself to this little jar candle. 

It smells like Saled Caramel. I don't usually like chocolate scented candles, but this one smells so authentic and yummy that I couldn't resist it. This is the candle that's going to see me through the rest of Winter I think.

And that's that! You've got to treat yourself every now and then, and I feel so much better after my little shopping spree. 

Hope you're looking forward to a decent weekend, 

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