Rainy Day in Salisbury


First off, I would like to apologise up front about the awful quality of a few of the photos in this post. I have no idea what happened to the camera on my phone, but I never question if something doesn't work - I have nearly a year left on my contract and can't afford for it to break now!

I had a bit of a nuisance day/evening yesterday/today, but it all turned out in the end. I won't bore you with the deets, but basically there was an appointment that I was going to go home-home for, and it got cancelled at the very last minute, but not soon enough for me to sort it all out again with work and get back to Bournemouth in time and whatnot. But my mum had the day off, so we decided to spend a rainy day in Salisbury.

I managed to wake up late because all my alarms didn't go off (again, thank you phone), but it was all sorted in a phone call to my mum. I had a quick shower, whacked on some makeup, and hair sprayed my hair. 

I decided to wear my ASOS white crop top while I did all this. I have no idea how much this cost me, I have had it for so long, it's one of those staples clothing items you have in the bottom of your drawer for forever. 

I also wore my new (ish) jumper that has become my favourite item of clothing in the space of about a week. It's from H&M, and I've worn it pretty much everyday at one point or another. 

I love this little necklace. I suck at wearing jewellery, I really wish I wore it more, but I always forget to put it on. Today I remembered, and I wore my little silver feather necklace. I'm pretty sure it was originally from Topshop, but don't quote me on that one!

I bought these boots on eBay last year for about ten pounds. I find it really amazing that you can spot one pair of shoes from somewhere random, have them be exactly what you're looking for, and they be in your size. These were from Topshop at one point, and I love them! 

The lipstick I was wearing today was Collection Lasting Colour in Taffeta Bloom. It's really nice if you fancy a fun, pink tone that's also suitable for a daytime look. 

And I took a little sneaky shot of my outfit before I left the house. My scarf and coat are from H&M and Primark, and you may recognise them from my Christmas Prezzies post. 

First of all, we met in the car park and heading to the shops.

Going in H&M was my biggest mistake, they had so many bargains in there today. Plus, I got a 20% student discount using the UniDays app. No joke, I saved nearly £13 in there today, how crazy is that?! I'm going to do a haul post at some point on what I bought today, so I won't go into that now :)  

Mum found the waiting seat while I was trying on my many, many items. 

 They had this quote stuck to the mirror in the New Look changing rooms. It says, "I like my money where I can see it... Hanging in my wardrobe". Spot on, New Look, spot on. 

We hit up Nandos for lunch. I had so many points on my loyalty card thing to use up, so we had two free quarter chickens on the house. Nice! I had mine with garlic bread and chips, and mum had chips and the mixed leaf salad.

 Overall, it was a pretty successful day, and really lovely to have a mum-daughter day - especially from the annoyance of last night! Grrr, teehee. 

I'm going to try and do a little haul of what I bought today at some point, maybe tomorrow, so I haven't gone into that today. I'm so tired now from training and shopping and staying up too late at night :) 

See you soon, 

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