New Year's Resolution's Update (and a few more!)


We're almost a whole month into 2016 now, can you believe it?! Time has flown so fast!

I've been at a training day today for rowing, and my hands are killing me! I'm writing this from the bath at the moment, working my way through my collection of old LUSH bath bombs. Tonight is on my Peeping Santa bubble bar. It's okay, there's enough bubbles for a swimming pool in my little tub, and it smells amazing. However, my one complaint is that some of it got in one of my hand blisters. And that hurt! OWIE!

So, last time I mention the word 'resolutions' it was 2015, I had ages to think of difficult targets to set myself, and a whole 'nother week to keep going with my bad habits. Now that it's been a month, those bad habits should be totally thrown out the window... pfft!...

This was a biggie for me, but also not a newbie. This is that typical resolution that I set myself every year, and I usually get to about February and it completely gets forgotten for another year. 

This year... is kind of going okay. I'm trying a new tactic this time; rather than giving up biting all my nails cold turkey, I'm working my way along, from my thumbs to my little fingers. This is what I have so far...

I've grown my thumb nails! I have thumb nails now. And that sounds really over excited for such a small thing, but my nails were bad before (you can probably slightly see how bad they were in some of my older posts)!  I love having thumb nails so much, but I don't look a bit odd at the moment. 

If you've given up biting your nails, or you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments below! Any nail biters who have tried to give up themselves will know the stress I'm going through at the moment. 

2. Be a YES! person
Not sure what to say about this one really. From what I can remember, not many opportunities to say yes have come up so far, other than the usual. But when it does... I'll be all like "YES! please."

3. Drink more water
Okay, this one varies from day-to-day. So I guess you can kind of say this is going well? Maybe?

4. Treat myself more
As you can probably tell my last two posts, I am managing to treat myself a lot more :) I've bought a few things that I either wanted or felt I needed, but didn't think I could afford it before. And it feels great when it happens! I think treating myself in moderation is good, but I can't afford to go shopping every week! 

5. Eat Healthier
Again, this fluctuates so much from day-to-day. Tonight, when I got home from the training session, I really couldn't be bothered to cook myself anything, so I ordered a Dominoes. But I have to say that, in comparison for the orders I used to make, I have cut down a lot on unhealthy food.

So my progress is very so-so (if there were a teacher here, they'd probably say 'room for improvement'), but I've got a few more things that have cropped up that I'd like to add to my list...

6. Get fit!
I already do so much training with rowing, but I want to get even fitter! I've started running to training sessions this week, just to build up my stamina a bit more. I'm also using my weights at home, which have been hiding in their box since my last birthday. 

7. Keep my room tidy
Honestly, I'm terrible with this. I will spend one whole day cleaning it up, making it look all nice, feel really happy with it, then the next day it's a mess again. I don't know what happens! 

8. Read more
I found out this week that my Kindle uses the same charger as my phone - imagine how annoyed/embarrassed/delighted I was, after thinking I couldn't use it for a whole year because I'd lost the charger (in my messy room - see!). So, now I've got it up and running again I've started on the second James Bond book, "Live and Let Die" by Ian Fleming.

9. Continue blogging through 2016
I realised that I posted on my blog about my resolutions, and completely missed out anything to do with blogging. Sorry, Katy Louise Blog.

And, even though I think 9 is a bit of an awkward number to stop on, I'm going to end the list there. Maybe I'll do another update on it again soon, but I'll see what progress I can make this time! :)

I hope all your new year's resolutions are going strong! Let me know in the comments, 

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