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After a long day at work, and rushing home to get changed and ready for a training session, my day was completely made by a little arrival today... My Lush goody arrived! :D


I was so excited, being a broke student I don't often get the privilege of online shopping, but I thought I'd deserved a little treat with some of my Christmas money (well, it was a shame to spend it all straight on bills and whatnot). 

Besides, Lush products aren't just a treat, they're also practical... right?

This is my purchase. It's a Christmas gift box, and I sniped it up from the January sales on their website. And, okay, I'll admit, I did buy it mainly for the cute tin - I'm already thinking of the cakes and biscuits I can fill it up with next December! But when I opened it I was actually really happily surprised with the goodies inside. 


First there was their 'Beautiful' shower gel.

It's a Christmassy mixture of myrrh and peach juice (not so Christmassy, but come on! Myrrh! I thought that was made up). It's all glittery too, and smells amazing! Feel like this is defo one to save for a night-out shower.

Next I found a little pot of cream...

'Karma Kream'! It's a hand and body lotion and, again, smells great (I feel like that's going to be the verdict on most of the products here... but it's true... they do all smell fab!). 


The description tells of almond oil and cocoa butter, and smells of orange, patchouli (nope, I've no idea either), and pine. I'm sure I used to drink something that smelt similar to this when I was eighteen, but I'm sure this feels a lot better the next day! 


Next I found a bath bomb...


It's called 'Golden Wonder', and is shaped like a super cute prezzie. It smells all citrusy and yummy, and when I tapped it, it sounded hollow, which is always a good sign... there's some blue on the bottom too, thinking there may be a surprise inside :)


I'll keep you informed ;)


There was this little bar of 'Snowcake Soap'. It's like a bar of pure marzipan with glitter on top. Pretty and nice smelly. I am going to be smelling like I'm edible! 


And lastly, there was this. I've used this product before, and I love it. It's a bubble bar on a wand, called 'Magic of Christmas Wand'.


These are amazing. You run them under the tap while you're running your bath and it makes so many bubbles - I thought there would be a few bubbles that lasted five minutes, but there were SO many bubbles! And it's glittery, and has cinnamon bits, and... and... oh, I can't. I just love it! 


But that wasn't all...

On my delivery order online, I put a little note asking for a sample of soap. Just one type of soap that I'd seen online and wondered what it was like.   

And this...


is what they sent me. How lovely is that?! Three free samples of soap, it made my day. They sent me 'Respect Your Elders', which (and I don't mean this in a bad way!) does remind me of my Granny's house, and made me miss home (in a good way, I swear!). There was also 'Miranda', which smells like something that I can't quite put my finger on. And 'Honey I Washed the Kids', which smells sort of chocolatey to me, and I've had it on the desk next to me all night. I've been using it like that vapor stuff you get for a blocked nose. 

What a great end to my day! I should order stuff online more often...

Night night,

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