I Found My Memory Box


Cue some lovely embarrassing stories.

On my trip home for Christmas I was looking for places to hide my Christmas presents for everyone when I stumbled across my old memory box. I used to be really anal about this, keeping everything that had any memory linked to it (and a lot of crap that didn't as well, as I found out!). 

So, grab yourself a cuppa, and we'll have a little look through my memory box...

Mini Scrapbook
This is actually one page long inside, and it's just a photo of me and Chelsea posing with the word 'Friends' stuck on, haha. Me and Chelsea decided to make these little books one day after school, but I'm pretty sure we just spend a long time making the covers look pretty and then got distracted by the Simple Life or something. Aah, the good ol' days... 

I'm 16 and The COOLEST
The only thing that's changed then is my age... what are you laughing at? I really hope I didn't wear this outside the house, haha. 

Tickets to the OPA
I can't remember if it was actually called 'OPA' or not, but it was an art museum that we went to on a college trip to Florence. I can't remember much of the art, but the trip overall was amazing... although, back then I didn't know if I liked pizza or not and spent the entire week eating chicken and fries. So annoying! 

Another (ahem) Valentine's Day Card...
Open it up, Katy. Who's it from...

Oh, Charlie and Jester again. They're so thoughtful :) 

Oh No! Glasses
I got these when I went to Reading Festival in 2010 (I think?) from Marina (from Marina and the Diamonds).

Me and a guy who was in our group queued for about an hour to meet her, and when we got there she signed a pair of these glasses for us each, and told me she liked my hair. It was bleach blond at the time. 

My Future Book
This is quite a funny one, I did cringe quite a bit when I found this.

This was my 'future book'. Another friend and I used to spend hours sat down making these, planning our houses, families, jobs and allsorts. We used to cut furniture out of the Argos catalogue that we liked. I think I was a lawyer with about six kids. My future book would look a lot different now!

From Monkey World and the Donkey Sanctuary.

My dad and I used to go on holiday to the same place every year, this little place near Minehead called St Audrey's Bay. Everyone we spoke to that had been there always said how covered in fossils it was, and that you couldn't take a step on the beach without finding one. We holidayed there for eleven years, and this was the only one we ever found. 

Menu from Florence
This is the trip I mentioned before... the one where I only ate chicken and fries for a week. I brought back the menu for some reason - maybe to look at all the lovely food I could've tried. 

Primary School Report
Uh-oh! I think the maths comment was that 'Katy would probably improve if she didn't spend so long looking out the window'... or maybe that was secondary school maths.

Barcelona Diary
Another school trip - this one wasn't so good. The food was awful, the accomodation was crap, and I think the trip ran out of money halfway through, which meant, after carrying our swimming kit and towels around in the Spanish Summer heat all day, we couldn't afford to go swimming in the Olympic Pool. Bit of a bummer.

School Credits
Check out these bad boys! We used to get awarded credits if we did something good at school, and once you'd collected up a certain amount you'd get a certificate or something. At the time it was super exciting. Now I think about it, it's kind of an anti-climax. 

Legoland Ticket, and ticket for the Weymouth Land Train
I think the Legoland ticket was from a birthday trip there when I was about eight. As for the land train ticket, I have no idea why I kept that!

First Football Match Tickets
My first and last trip to a football match. We watched Swindon versus Accrington Stanley, and neither team did very well I think. I can't really remember, football wasn't really for me. 

An Old Mobile Phone
I'm sure I just put this in the box because I didn't know what else to do with it. Look at how tiny it is! So cute. 

Letter from my Pen Pal
Naaw, this was my pen pal (she spelt my name wrong, but we'll ignore that :D). I think we met on holiday, like one of those typical resorts in Cornwall or something. Not sure what happened, think we just sort of stopped writing. Wonder what she's up to now...

Granny and Grampy
This isn't really a memory for me, I wasn't there... but how lovely is this?! This is my Granny and Grampy on their wedding day. So lovely. 

Funeral For A Friend Ticket
We went to see Funeral for a Friend for Chelsea's birthday... maybe her sixteenth? Not sure. I wasn't really into their sort of music, it was all a bit heavy for me, but I bought the black skinny jeans, a black and white band t-shirt and a black waistcoat thing. I also dyed parts of my hair pink, it was grim. 

My Poem
Our school had its own poetry competition, and this was my entry. I made it through to the semi-finals, as such, which meant it was published it the school's poem book. Felt like a big deal at the time, I think my mum and dad even went to a reading of it at an awards ceremony - that must've been a tedious night, haha!

My First Bacardi Breezer
Ooh, naughty! Can't remember when and where this was from (probably explains a lot), but this was my first ever alcoholic drink. 

More Old Diaries
Honestly, I have old diaries hidden everywhere - I didn't even remember I'd written these ones! 

Old Driving Memorabilia
I passed my test over six years ago now (and I've been driving my old Corsa around ever since). This was my L plate and a card that I got given for passing. Happy days. 

And that's that. The memory box has been hidden back in the cupboard for someone to find in another ten years, probably. 


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