Blue Monday Pamper Fest


I was just getting on with my day at work today when my colleague told me 'It's blue Monday today!'. Apparently this is the most miserable day of the year (and has been since 2005), and it's the day when everyone feels the saddest. And what more excuse do you need for a pamper post?! ;) 

No pamper evening would be complete without a dressing gown. I've had this one for years, and I love it. It's so fleecey and cosy.

So, these were the ingredients of my last minute pamper fest...

I'd been to a training session and worked up a sweat - I highly advise this for a Blue Monday. Exercise is great, and if you really push yourself, you'll feel amazing afterwards. Plus, you've already worked off the treats you're about to munch on...

My absolute favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE thing in the whole world is... profiteroles. Cream, chocolate, and pastry, all in one pudding, how could you beat that?! And, these were from Lidl. They come in a two-pack and cost me 67p, which I'm still trying to get over now. 

They definitely didn't taste like they only cost 67p. 

Next, I chose my face mask for the evening. I don't usually like peel-off ones - I get them all stuck in my eyebrows, I'm not patient enough to let them dry before I try peeling... and this one in particular smelt like honey, which, I discovered, I'm not a huge fan of. 


 I still feel sticky now :(

 I have a huge range of bath bombs that I've been saving up over months, and so I raided my collection and found this for this evening. It's the 'Big Blue' ballistic from Lush (of course). I can't even tell you how good it smelt, it was so good! And it has little bits of seaweed in it, which must be good for you... right? 

Ready for a bath bomb montage...


Nice little set up you've got there, Katy... oh, gee thanks! :D 

After my bath, I smothered my legs in the Lush Charity Pot cream. These are cute, you can choose the pot that has the charity on it that you'd like to support, while getting the amazing smelling cream inside! I chose the Rhino charity. 

 And that's the end of my Blue Monday. I have to say (touch wood!) that this Monday hasn't been overly 'blue' for me... yet, there's still an hour and a half to go. I'm all settled into my bed, smelling like a Lush store (and honey, ugh), lit up by my fairy lights, and on pillows sprayed with my Sleep Therapy Pillow Mist (from Avon). Mmmm, mmm!

I hope you've managed to avoid the Blue Monday too, and if you are feeling down why not take some moves from my Pamper Day :) 

Love you, 

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