2000 Page Views!


Katy Louise has hit another milestone, and I could not be happier! 

I've had an awful day - last night's sleep was terrible, I woke up every hour thinking it was time to get out of bed. I had an alarm set for 6am to get to a morning rowing training session, but I felt disgusting and really poorly, so I had to miss out this morning (I'm starting to feel anxious, as I haven't actually rowed yet this year... or since before Christmas for that matter). I spent another hour in bed, then made the decision that I wasn't well enough for work today. Not to go too far, but I was a little scared to move too far away from the bathroom in case I had to run and empty my stomach... sorry! 

So I spent a day working from home, watching YouTube in the background, and cuddling my Eeyore hot water bottle. Marmite popped in to say hello, and I did go to training in the evening (which I think may have not been a good idea), and I'm starting to feel a little strange again, so we shall see where that goes.

Anyway! So, I'd had this really awful day, just mulling around, when I thought I'd check my blog for the day and see how it was getting on. And we'd reached 2000 views! Yippee!! The last post like this I did was in November for 1000 page views, and before that in September for 500 page views. So it's improving (if my maths is right?).

So, a massive thank you to everyone who's made my day by visiting my blog at one point or another. You made a poorly girly very happy :) 

Thank You, 

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