Top 10 Christmas Episodes


At that time when it's not quite Christmassy enough to start on the films, but just about Christmassy enough to start getting into the spirit of things, I switch on the Christmas Specials. I watch the same ones every year, and could probably list the words off by heart - but I won't ;) So, my 10 Favourite Christmas Episodes (in no particular order!) are;

Family Guy - A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas
Probably not the last time Family Guy will be on my list. I watch this Christmas Eve every year, the last thing I do before Christmas Day. I still find it hilarious

The Simpsons - Marge Be Not Proud
When Bart steals a game, and Marge isn't sure she can trust him again, it's a lovely little Christmas story - and how could we have a TV list without the Simpsons on it?

3rd Rock from the Sun - Jolly Old Saint Dick
I have gotten super into 3rd Rock from the Sun recently, and this episode came on. I watched it - even thought it was still October at the time. 

Blackadder - Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Rowan Atkinson is so funny, I highly recommend you taking the time to watch this little Christmas special this year :) 

Still Game - Christmas Special 2005
Still Game is a series about a group of OAPs living in Scotland. I always watch it with my dad, and find it hilarious. 

Family Guy - Road to the North Pole
Told you it wouldn't be the last time Family Guy was on the list - I can remember fighting my sleepiness to stay up and watch this when it first came out. 

30 Rock - Christmas Special
I love Tina Fey, and I managed to get through every episode of 30 Rock in a fortnight during my first year of uni. 

Modern Family - Undeck the Halls
I love a bit of Modern Family - and I do love Cam and Mitch!

The Vicar of Dibley - The Christmas Lunch Incident
This episode is so funny, but it also makes me feel a little bit sick. We've all been there - eaten too much food, but just can't stop eating a little bit more (although, three whole Christmas dinners is a bit far)

Friends - The One With the Holday Armadillo
Let's all face it, Friends is wonderful :) But this episode has me in fits of laughter everytime I watch it, and I always have to rewind the bit when the Holiday Armadillo and Santa are all in Monica's flat. Oh my days! 

I'm going to get started! What Christmas Specials will you be watching this year?

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