My Christmas Wishlist (and more...)


It's 13 sleeps until Christmas, according to Asda, and time for me to officially start panic gift-buying. I have been so busy and distracted this last few weeks with family things and rowing training that I haven't really even had time to think about what to buy everyone! 

I have, however, had time to have a little think about a few things that I'd like...

1. A Faux Fur Throw
I've been having a stalk on interior design profiles on Instagram a lot at the moment, and I am so in love with those all white rooms with furry throws flung over the end of the bed. I can imagine being all snuggled up under it too, with a mug of cocoa and Netflix on the go. Although, my uni room is a bit of an odd shade of yellow, so not sure it would have the same effect. 
2. A Sunny Holiday... Perhaps in Bora Bora? 
Winter has sucked this year, it's been so stressful! What I need is a lovely sunny holiday. I'm thinking a little beach hut floating above clear, blue water, those pink flowers growing everywhere, a golden-sand beach, and enough sunshine to give me a glowing tan. Top notch! 

3. A Tidy Bedroom
Or failing that.....

4. One of those Self-Hoovering Roomba Things
Entertaining and useful! And I'd love to dress Marmite (the cat) up as a shark and make him ride around on it, just like in the YouTube videos.

5. A Date with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I'm not too fussy - just a simple meal date, perhaps a walk on the beach? Quick stop off for a cocktail? You know, the usual ;) (and if he happens to be reading this, my number is ..... :P)

6. A Cat-Pouch Onesie
Okay, I can see no end of uses for this! Firstly, the cat would appreciate this so much - we already have Sunday afternoon naps together, imagine how much better it would be inside a cat pouch! Secondly, how annoying is it when you really was a snack, but all your snacks are downstairs, in the kitchen?! No more of that - I'd have everything I'd need in my cat/snack pouch! I wonder if I could get away with wearing it at work though...

And that's that. I'm not expecting all of these things - I'm not greedy ;) But if anyone who can supply any of these things happens to read this and wants to help out, I wouldn't complain (especially with the whole Bora Bora thing!). 

What have you all asked for from Santa this year? I have a feeling he's going to need a bigger sleigh at this rate! Haha, 

Nighty night


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