Bristol Head Race and the Farmer's Social


I am writing this all tucked up in my bed, hot water bottle by my side, and just about ready to pass out for the rest of the weekend! In bed by nine o clock on a Sunday suits me just fine :) 

It's been a super busy weekend for me this week! I had work today... but that's not really worth a blog post... but more excitingly, we had our first rowing race of the season yesterday - Bristol Head Race. 

Bristol is the fun race of the season - it's the first time a lot of the university's fresher rowers have experienced a race, so there's a lot going on - crabs flying everywhere (rower terminology), boats crashing into the banks, and a LOT of heckling coming out of the seniors. 

I thought I'd start with an action shot. Check out my crew :) 

Race days aren't easy - our coach for Bristol was leaving at 4:45am, which meant I was waking up (or attempting to) at 4am. I sent a little snapchat around to make sure everyone on my contact list knew the pain. 

Seniors always race in the morning at Bristol, so this year we were on the water by half 9 and making our way up to the start line - head races are basically like a time trial, you start at the finish line and row up to the start line at your own pace, then race back down to where you got on originally.

 My dad surprised me with a visit, which was a lovely treat. He ended up helping us with some last minute boat maintanence, which I'm sure he wasn't expecting! 

Our race didn't go brilliantly, but we had a good day out - and we didn't get wet, which is good whichever way you look at it! 

I managed to get a healthy three hours nap in on the coach journey home, which was just the job! 

BUBC have a little tradition - every year, after we've raced at Bristol, we all go home, have the quickest shower and dinner you've seen, and then head on a nights out. But this isn't just any night out. Oh no!

This is the BUBC Annual Farmer's Social (Cue trumpets)

 The rules are simple - seniors go dressed as farmers, and freshers go dressed as farm animals.Being a huge lover of a good ol' fancy dress social, I spent a bit of money on my costume last year (well, a bit of money for a student) and went out looking like this...

I was supposed to be a chicken, but if that isn't the most sinister looking thing you've seen in your life then I don't know what is going on anymore! Haha.

This year, being a senior now, I was able to go a bit more low-key, and went for the ol' checked shirt tied in a little double knot at the front, with a pair of denim shorts. I was tempted to just go with shorts, but it was blowing a hooley outside and I wasn't prepared to risk it! 

 I always like to add a little extra touch to my  fancy dress costumes where possible - they've started noticing too! Someone said they found it funny when, at the Rubick's Cube social, my tinsel was more important to (a very drunk) me than actually ending up in one colour! 

Not having much time to prepare this year, this is what I added...

It's a homemade radish and sprouts necklace, made with real radishes, real sprouts, and tied together with that present wrapping silver string stuff you get. Who would've thought that radishes and sprouts would coordinate this well? 

And now, with that 23 hour day out the way, and today's busy day, I'm am just about ready to call it quits for the weekend, get a good night's sleep, and start again tomorrow! 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, and I shall see you next week for some Christmassy posts! 



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