Getting Ready for Race Day


I'll give you two guesses what I'm up to this weekend....

Okay, so the title kind of gave it away, but this is just a little (and very quick!) update before I go to bed and get my race sleep - and a sort of unsaid apology for being away a lot this week...

Check out these alarms! How grim is that! Last year, I didn't wake up for Bristol until my housemate (who was also a rower) came in my room. I said (from my comfy bed) "is it time to get up?", and she replied, "It's time to leave!"

Thankfully we made it to the coach in time and didn't miss the whole day. 

I think I got a bit excited when it came to the race snack buying... But I'll explain more about that later in a separate post.

Anyways, wish me luck for tomorrow, and if you're in the Saltford area at about 9:20am please feel free to come along and cheer me on :) 


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