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Winter is so lush, with long, chilly nights. All wrapping up in cosy, woolly jumpers. And there's never an excuse not to stop in a coffee shop for a warming hot chocolate. I thought I'd share some of my personal Winter Essentials with you today - I know Winter has been well underway for a while now, so this is a bit delayed - sorry about that one! 

I also made a massive boob (ahem) this week! I popped home to see my family, stayed at my Granny's house (which, by the way, will be happening again and is very lovely), but when I got back to Bournemouth for the weekend, realised that I had left my make-up bag in Wiltshire! So no selfies today! (I'm also writing this while in the Bath, so again, probably best I don't post a selfie right this minute ;) )

This is the time of year that I can take a bit of time to recover myself, so to speak. Being a rower, I'm training constantly throughout the uni term time, and the things that suffer the most are my hands.. Any rowers out there will understand my pain, but for those of you who don't, imagine your hands rubbing on a rough surface for an hour (at least) a day, then imagine the blisters and calluses that would appear shortly after - it's not a pretty sight!

So when we break up for the Christmas holidays and I can have a break, I start giving my hands a bit of TLC - and they love it! This year I've started using Love and Wilde's Vanilla and Honey hand cream. It smells amazing and really does make your skin really smooth (I'll put a section at the bottom of the post to let you know where you can get your hands on everything)

I showed you my Winter make up look a little while ago, but one thing I didn't mention is dark lipsticks. I feel like Summer just can't pull off the whole dark lipstick look, but Winter, on the other hand, rocks it! I've been using Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick, but I can't remember what shade, so I'll have to take a look and add it later . Add a little bit of shimmery (but not too colourful!) eyeshadow, and the look pretty much sells itself - I love the MAC eyeshadow in shade Amber Lights (I don't have photos of the lipstick or eyeshadow at the moment, as they're at my Granny's house. But I'll try and add some later!) .

 I've also started having baths a lot more. I'm in love with LUSH products, as everyone I've ever met so far in life is. I always thought their bath bombs were incredible, but this year I discovered their Bubble Bars - and, oh my days, I am a changed woman! 

I made a very wise investment too - knitted slipper socks! I am a complete loser when it comes to keeping my feet warm in Winter - then I end up with painful chillblaines and it hurts to walk. This year, however, I am on it! These slipper socks in particular are great, they have furry lining inside, so I'm extra warm and cosy - and the tassles are just great! And on a bit of a side note, I bought these to wear to the Bristol Head Race last weekend, and they fit inside a pair of wellies perfectly... just in case you were wondering. 

TREATS AND EATS you say! When Winter hits, the hot chocolates come out, and I am all about that life this time of year. I love it when coffee shops all start festive flavours, and I find myself drinking hot chocolate like a loon, just to try and get through all the flavours. But when I'm at home, I stick to good ol' Cadburys. 

I got a lovely bunch of lipbalms for Christmas last year, and this Winter I've cracked them open. I have no idea what make they are, or even what flavour they are - they smell a bit vanilla-ry-ish. They're really cute though, so thank you from last year Mum :) 
And last but not least, Christmas telly! Every year I watch hours of Christmas specials, from Only Fools and Horses to Family Guy, and it's the perfect Winter thing! My favourite Christmas film is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, I find it hilarious... although, it wouldn't be Christmas without watching Santa Claus with Dudley Moore in it! Do you have any recommendations of films to add to my list this year? 

As promised, here's the list of everything in this post

 Love and Wilde Vanilla and Honey Handcream - (I just found this amazing Love and Wilde bundle deal on Superdrug! Oh my days!)
Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick -
MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow - (I'm not sure that this shade is available anymore)
LUSH Star Dust Bath Bomb -
LUSH Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar -
 Knitted Slipper Socks - Primark
Cadbury's Hot Chocolate Powder -

I hope you've all had a good weekend, I can't believe that's another week gone! Yikes. 

Night night

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