Christmas Tree Decorating


The Goodship household is all Christmas-y-fied today! Lights flashing, bunting up, and little dangly decorations hanging from here, there and everywhere (oo-er)! 

My mum and I had a day off together today and so decided today was the day that the house would get a bit of a pamper! We brought in the tree from outside (it is a real one, but not from our garden) and got all the decorations down from the attic - a classic Christmas activity! 


Because stars and angels are overrated...

And we weren't the only ones getting in the Christmas spirit. Jester joined in the fun as well. 

Imagine all this going on, and my mum and I taking breaks to dance along to blaring Christmas tunes. 

I love it when the house is all done up for Christmas! I'm finally feeling all Chrimassy, and I'm so excited to start wrapping up prezzies! Is your house all decorated yet? 

Lot's of love,

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