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Happy Bonfire Night Guys!

Thanks to a cold and recovery from a 5k test (any rowers will understand my pain ;D ) I stayed in and watched all the fireworks displays from the warmth of my living room. But a big thank you to anyone in Winton who let off fireworks tonight, they were very pretty :) 

On my way home from work I decided to treat myself to a little shopping trip at The Range (and Sainsburys, but that wasn't so fun - unless you enjoy buying peppers, spinach, and chicken), and I spent a few pennies on some new stationary for myself. 

I'm so pleased with my lovely buys I thought I'd share them with you.... 

I spied this zany folder when I popped in the Range last week, but couldn't justify a reason to buy it. But then I decided that I needed a new folder to keep all my placement bits and bobs in (a lame excuse, but an excuse either way!). So home with me it came for £1.99 :) 

It's so bright and exciting! 

Next, I bought a little notebook. This was £3.00 from Sainsburys. I bought it to record my erg scores for rowing - so far this term I've been trying to keep a mixture of photos of my scores on my phone and writing them on a sheet on my computer, but I'm just getting all mixed up and confused. So, this is my solution. 

I'm a sucker for anything shiny, especially when it's teamed with a cardboard, so happy days for Katy - this should make ergs a little bit better - pfft. Again, any rowers will feel my pain...! 

And last but not least, I treated myself to this little black book - just for notes though, not as a little black book! 

It's really pretty - the edges of the pages are luminous pink. I have no idea what I need this for, but hey ho. 

And I have a little bonus buy too. Can you keep a secret? Promise you won't tell....

I bought my first Christmas prezzies today. I know, how exciting! 

 Lucky ol' Jester has got himself a 'Treat Kennel', and Saski-cat has a lovely 'Cat Cabin', all full of yummy (to furry friends) treats. They were £3.00 each from Sainsburys. 

Overall a very successful day, lot's of treats and buys for me, and even made a start on Christmas. Nice! 

Hope you're all enjoying the fireworks wherever you are - I'm currently munching on toast, sipping Earl Grey, and watching Ghostbusters 2. Happy days :) 


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