My Winter Make-Up


 I'm no make-up connoisseur (definitely didn't just have to google that word before I used it), but I've swapped from my easy, light Summer make-up, to my Winter make-up now, and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Being a student I've not spent loads of money on my make up, it's all Superdrug/Boots-bought or from old Christmas prezzies.

I start with my concealer - I've seen other make-up blogs and vlogs that often do their concealer after the foundation, but this way just works better for me.

I use Collection 'Lasting Perfection Concealer' in 'Fair', and just dab a few spots under my eyes, to the inside of my eyelids, around my nose (a weirdo habit I've picked up, not sure where from), and across my chin (because that's where most of my blemish-issues are). I'll also add a splodge on any spots or marks I have on the day.

I use a Real Techniques 'Foundation Brush' to blend it all in, starting on my chin and working my way up.

Next, I move onto the Foundation. I use Bourjois 'Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation' in 'Vanilla'. I always put what I need on the back of my hand first and then take it off bit by bit with the brush.

 I like to start with my cheeks, then go to the chin, and, again, work my way up my face from there. To do this I use a Real Techniques 'Expert Face Brush'.

 Next, I use my blusher.

In Winter I put the bronzer down and move onto the blusher to give my cheeks a warm, Winter glow. I use Soap and Glory 'Love at First Blush'. I love it, this is probably the most expensive thing in my make up bag. It's so lovely because it works as a blusher but gives you a shimmer as well.

I use a Cosmopolitan brush, and just dust the blusher on my cheek bones, and slightly up to the corners of my eyes. Just enough to give me a little blush, not too much.

Next, I do my eyebrows. I have very unruly eyebrows - I've inherited my Grampy's big, bushy eyebrows! So, I use the Rimmel 'Brow This Way' in 'Middle Brown'. It's a really cute little kit, you get a brush, which I use first to calm my 'brows down a little...

...and then a flat brush with a choice of powder or cream. I'm working my way through the powder at the moment - the cream is a little too stark for me.

For my eyeliner, I use Collection 'Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner' in Black. I have the least steady hand going and usually have to hold down my eyelids while I do my eyeliner, it's a nightmare. 

My housemates last year got me into liquid eyeliner - until then I'd only used eyeliner pencils, and they were so smudgy - great if I wanted the smokey eye look though! They convinced me to buy this eyeliner, and showed me how to make a straight wing using sellotape (the ol' strip of tape under the eye trick), and I haven't gone back ever since. 

To finish off my eyes I apply mascara. For daytime make up I use Soap and Glory 'Thick and Fast Mascara'. When I first bought this I thought it was too thick and heavy, but I love it now. I pop it on the top lashes from the outside of my eyes to about 3/4s of the way in, then just on the edges of the bottom lashes... if that makes sense.

And last but not least, if I'm feeling a little more glamorous and make-up-y on the day, I bring out the lippy! 

My favourite daytime lipstick is Soap and Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker' in 'Perfect Day', which is the one I've used here. I am lucky to have quite dark(ish) lips anyway, so this lipstick just adds a bit more pink-ness to them. I love it because it's a matte shade, so it doesn't add a shine or shimmer to your lips - perfect for daytime!

And there you have it! All done with my everyday make up look for Winter. 

Like I say, I'm in no way a make up expert and my techniques are probably all wrong, but I'm hoping to get a little more to grips with it - I've even started a Pinterest board for inspo! :P 

If you have any make up tips and Winter beauty tips to share I'd love to hear them. Hopefully soon I'll share my general Winter pamper routine - you've got to treat yourself in this depressing weather! 

Night Night


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