Instagram Catchup - October


I thought today would be a good day to do an Instagram Catchup - I can just sit down with my Earl Grey, a cat on my bed and chill while I do it, and it also means that I don't have to make you look at any photos of me today, with my half-grey hair, grubby looking face, and hungover eyes - I think I look scarier today than I did last night! 

1. Happy Halloween!
Another fancy dress night out with Helena - two in one week, we did do well! I went as Cruella DeVille, which I've always wanted to try out. I just wore a LBD, a pair of red velvet gloves, a black and white feather boa, and carried around a fake long cigarette thing all night. Not to mention the hair - I dyed it half black and half white. Great on the night. Not so great at rowing this morning... 

 2. I <3 My Cat
Even though he's not my cat... He's such a friendly little dude, and he's started chilling out with us quite a lot now. He is good though, he just has a little cat nap, then heads home for his dinner. 

 3. This is what Tired Looks Like
 Because the freshers started rowing this month, it meant that us seniors sometimes had to do a double session to help them out. When I took this photo I think I was on my way home at about 11:30am, after getting up at 5:30am for my session. Although, it's quite sad, I quite enjoyed the long mornings. 

 4. Adventure Time
We had a meeting at the uni for my work, but because there was no parking near to it I had to park in the middle of the woods somewhere. No idea whereabouts we were...

 5. A Jester and Katy Kind of a Day
This month our lovely pooch, Charlie, passed away. We were all very sad, but the family member who's missing him the most is Jester, his bro. They'd never spent a day apart in their lives, so it was a bit of a shock to the system for him, but he's getting lot's of cuddles and kisses to help him out. 

 6. Jester Boy
What a gorgeous boy.

 7. Rowing Morning
This was our first session after the clocks going back, so we actually got to row in daylight! Everyone was Instagramming pictures of the river and the boats, and this was my input. 

 8. Rowing Girlies
Taken from the same morning, after this we went for breakfast and spend hours sat around having a catch-up. Lovely morning, all in all :) 

I went a little bit Whitagram mad this month, so next month's challenge is to use it (WAY) less :) My bad. 

I hope you're all having a lovely morning, and not feeling the Halloween Hangover too badly. 


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