Instagram Catchup - November


I know I say it pretty much every month, but this month really has flown by! I've posted my Instagram Update this month a day early, as I'm hoping to do something different tomorrow/on the last day. But that's an aim - we all know what I'm like by now ;) 

Anyhoo, let's get the show on the road, as they say...

 Purrfect Sunday
I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time I've shared this photo with you guys, but I re-instagrammed it this month. I think I was well in need of a restful weekend, and this photo was what kept me going! 

 Jester Has the Right Idea
My mum sent me this photo, and I was so jealous. Is this one comfy looking pooch or what?!

 Good Ol' Winter
This was the first day that it really felt like winter had arrived. It was blowy, freezing cold, wet - just generally a bit grim. Luckily I had my big coat with me that day with the Eskimo hood.

 Charity Shop Social
We had a rowing social where the challenge was to spend no more than £5 on our outfit for the night in a Charity shop. I got this little combo for the evening, and was quite pleased with my purchases - I'm hoping to reuse the skirt and the shirt I found (I must add, when I bought it the skirt was a gross 'just-under-the-knees' length, but after taking a pair of scissors to it, it was very much above the knees - so much so that I had to don a pair of cycling shorts underneath ;) )

 My One-Pan Roast
I'm discovered this little beauty this month, and I finally have a way to have an easy and cheap roast dinner every Sunday :D I'll be sharing the recipe/instructions with you soooooon!

 Beach Evening
How pretty is this photo... if I may say so myself. It was a really lovely evening, and my dad had come down to see me, so we headed to the beach and the Christmas Market. 

A Very Costa Christmas
 This was on a charity collection, which was freezing cold! We played Christmas music, wore mascot costumes, and had a really fun time. And when I found out that Costa had brought out this year's Christmas cups it was even better! 

Jester and Katy Selfie
This was an old photo of me and the pooch that I found on my phone, and I couldn't help re-instagramming it. Look at him, he's such a poser. *shed tiny tear of pride

And that's that for another month. Next month will be Christmas and all festive, it's all very exciting. I'm going to be having a little sit down and plan some when, and get myself ahead with my week's blog posts... but we'll see how that goes. 

Enjoy the end of November - I can't wait for it to be over with all the stress it's brought! 

Bring on Christmas ;) 

Love Ya

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