Happy Jar


I may not have spoken about it much, but I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently. Think the winter blues are starting to set in (and it's only November! There's a whole lot more Winter where that came from!)

So I've come up with a little idea to cheer myself up....

Whenever I find and do something with my day that makes me feel happy, I'm going to (try and remember to) write it down on a piece of paper and stick it in my 'happy jar'. 

The notes can be things I've written down, magazine clippings, cartoon strips, photos that made me happy, anything that take my fancy. 

I'm not sure when I'll open up the jar - I'd like to say I'll do one big open sometime in the New Year, but I may need a cheeky glance at one or two notes in the meantime...

Fingers crossed I actually remember to do it though! Or that I don't get midway through and cringe out! :D 

Wish me luck...


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