Sunday Funday


Are you ready for a 'What I Did Today' post. It comes complete with cringey Snapchat screenshots and everything! 

No different from any other Sunday, I was up and out of the house by 6am, and walking on my way to my lift to rowing. As I was leaving, my housemate who works in a nightclub arrived home, and we had time for a little catch up, which was a nice addition to the morn. It was absolutely freezing! I had on a vest top, my thermal top, a hoody, and a body warmer, and was still shivering. 

And it's finally time to bring out the bobble hat :D

I had a very enjoyable session myself, and then stayed to help with the Taster Session for the newbies too. By the time I got home I'd already been up for six and a half hours! Very productive, for a day off. 

And had the ol' Snapchat catching up to get on with. 

This is what every Sunday should look like - taking it easy with the sunshine coming in the window, and a cat by your side. 

After having a little rest I headed into Bournemouth to do a spot of shopping. We have the annual Rowing Rubik's Cube social on Wednesday (I'll post more about that after I've been), where you have to wear an item of clothing for each colour that's on a Rubik's Cube, so I had an odd shopping list to get. I managed to get all the kit I needed from Primark and Wilkinsons, which turned out to be super cheapo! 

Look at my bag of goodies... can you guess what is what? ;) 

Out of a really random spot of luck, as I drove into the car park my work buddy also drove in with her boyfriend - literally, what are the odds?! We agreed to go our separate ways while we were shopping, and then all meet up again for a quick drink in 60 Million Postcards. 

And the perfect end to a Sunday, I'm sat with a mug of hot chocolate, the cat has left, and the X-factor is on the telly. Lovely jubbly! 

I hope your Sunday was good too!


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