Rubik's Cube Social


Now is about the time when I'm feeling fragile, slightly queasy, and in need of a mug of Earl Grey... although, I don't know if the aches and pains are a result of last night, or the afternoon Pilates session we had today!

Last night was finally the annual Rubik's Cube Rowing Social, where the freshers and the seniors get to mingle, drink, and swap clothes with each other. The aim of Rubik's Cube is to arrive wearing one of each colour; so red, yellow, white, blue, green, and orange. By the end of pre-drinks you have to have swapped clothes with other people and end up in one colour. It's not pretty! And definitely, no heels!

I went for a pair of green leggings, a pair of red (with penguins on!) pants over the top, a blue vest top, an orange scrunchie (which I made into a necklace), a yellow high-vis jacket, and some white tinsel round my shoulders. 

The senior girlies had our pre-pre drinks together, which meant I had to make my way up the road by myself. I opted for a long mac, which, mixed with my over-the-top concealing, made me look like I was about to flash or something!

The squad looked awesome...

 When we turned up we were all put into teams, with rowing related names. I was in 'Good Catch'. We then had team games, beer pong, and a gold chain thing, where if you had the gold chain put on you then you'd have to down your drink. It was a great night.

I didn't do very well with the colour swapping thing, I drank a bottle of wine then got possessive over my high-vis and the tinsel. I did bring myself to trade the scrunchie for a pair of socks, and my red knickers for some green knickers. Then I just sort of drunkenly wandered around the club.

Excuse the drunk pose here ;) 

So, I've decided that I'm not drinking again for a while.... but don't quote me on that! 

Until next time!


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