Katy Tries (Launch!)... Halloween Face


Exciting news people! 

This is the start of a brand new series of posts, called 'Katy Tries...'. I will be trying challenges, hard tasks, foods, skills, whatever we, between us all, can think of, that I have never done before. And it's being launched with a very month-appropriate face painting challenge... Halloween Sugar Skulls. 

I used to face paint at a job, but I mainly 'specialised' (if that's what you can call it) on tigers and lions, and butterflies and things... seeing as it was an animal park. I can't say as I was ever asked for anything Halloween related... maybe a wolf once. 

Also, face painting wasn't really my skill. I'm too impatient, too cack-handed (as my granny would say) and not artistic at all. So this was a challenge. I would not recommend you use this as a tutorial - I based mine on a mixture of several photos I found on Pinterest. 

I started by painted a base of white all over my face. I used a sponge for this, for quickness, and a more even coverage (gosh, I almost sound profesh!).

Much better! 

I then moved onto the black around my eyes. I switched to a paintbrush for this, and a pot of black paint. 

I chose to cover and really fill in my eyebrows with black paint. I would NOT recommend this... but I'll show you more about that later...

After colouring in around my eyes, I added some little loops, again with black paint, and then brightened them up a little bit with dots of blue, pink, and purple. I also added some little swirls above the black eyes.

After that I painted on some black cheekbones, and smudged the paint down to try and create a shading effect - this was ambitious for me, and a complete fail, lol! I must also add that I got really into the face painting at this point, and stopped taking photos, teehee. My bad! 

I then did the ol' line across the mouth trick, and added tiny line through it to make the skelle-mouth, and then a cobwebby chin. I also decided to shade my top lip in black, no idea whether this was right or not.  

And the final touch, some mascara. I think most tutorials used fake eyelashes, but baby steps for the 'rubbish with make-up' me, eh? :) 

 And this is the final result :) Not too bad for a first attempt.

Although, I think my career in face painting has some way to go yet! 

Fingers crossed for my Halloween face! 

If you have a fun idea for 'Katy Tries' let me know. You can either comment me, or let me know on my twitter, which is linked on the blog :) 

Night night


P.S. I have two tips from this 'Katy Tries'...

1. Do NOT wear a pair of your best Nike workout leggings when attempting to paint your face. My black leggings now have white, pink, blue, and purple splashes all over them, and...

2. Do NOT paint your face black if you have to go to a meeting/work/important event shortly afterwards. This...

...is what I looked like, AFTER a shower and hair wash. I just have to hope that more of it rubs off in my pillow overnight, otherwise I'll be caked in foundation tomorrow!

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