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I was sat in my bedroom all relaxed like, wearing my face mask...

Which, by the way, is at that annoying itchy stage) when I realised what date it is, and what it's the end of, and what I always do at that time... so here's this month's Instagram Update. 

It feels like aaaaages since I did the last Instagram Update... and I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been a busy Instagrammer the last month. Sorry! I've been back to training, had work events on, and have just generally been pretty preoccupied. So, here's September's four Instagrams.... :) 

 1. My First 'Lean in 15' Attempt
You may have heard of the Lean in 15 meals on Instagram, by Joe Wicks. His meals all look delicious and are super healthy. This is my first attempt, and it was so successful and yummy that I've made it several times since, including once for my mum, who also approved. This is the Honey and Sesame seed chicken, and I recommend muchly! :) 

 2. Me and My Bike
This was at the end of a hard day (you have no idea, but I won't delve into that now!). The day had been long and stressful, and it ended with me locking my keys inside my car. That finishing everything off nicely, I stormed inside to find that I'd also run out of contact lenses and needed to get some, and with my keys in my cars and me outside the car I had no option other than to get out the ol' bike. It was actually surprisingly therapeutic to ride my bike around the town, and even more relaxing when we popped to the beach for a break. Lovely Jubbly!

 3. Freshers
It's that time of the year again, the freshers are all storming their way to Bournemouth uni. And it's that time of the year when us third-years put on our fleecey onesies, set up a good film on Netflix, and head to bed before eleven. They have all this to look forward to.

4. Ice-Cream, Sunshine and a Catch-up
My old housemate came down to Bournemouth last weekend for a houseparty and stayed at mine. It was great to have a catch up, it had been so long, and we both had so much to catch up on. It was so sunshiney and hot the next day, we headed straight to Sprinkles for breakfast, and got ourselves some ice-creams. About time Summer came along. 

And that's that for another month. Next month I'm hoping to be more on it with my Instagramming this month. And we all know what's in this month.... Halloween :O 

Lot's to look forward to...


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