Halloween Social No. 1


Halloween is nearly here! Honestly, I think I get more excited about Halloween than Christmas, especially at uni. 

I started my Halloween celebrations last night, on a rowing social. I'd been a little bit naughty and double booked myself - I'd planned to have my work buddy, Helena, around for a girly sleepover before we had to get up for an early morning of networking for work. But it was all good, Helena was up for a Cameo fancy dress social, and away we went. 

Helena went for a spooky skeleton look, with a little dress and face paint combo. I, after a whole load of research on Pinterest, decided to go as Bambi's Mum, but with a bit of a morbid twist. 

I was a bit unorganised with the outfit side of things, I just wore a pair of short shorts, and a white t-shirt, but I decorated it a little, splashing blood all over, drawing on a couple of gunshot wounds, and writing 'Oh Deer!' on the back (that banter! :D ). 

Then I did my deer face paint, just sponging on brown mixed with orange around my forehead and cheeks (and used it for some contouring that a Kardashian would envy!), then white down my nose and around my eyes, and then dabbed white spots on the sides of my cheeks. I added another gunshot wound to my head, and dribbled some blood around a bit. 

 I made my hair into some super cute (teehee) 'ears' (aka, buns add the side of my head), and made some make-shift antlers out of a leaf-less hedge that I pulled up out the garden and an elastic headband thing. 

The social was so much fun, but we were good girls and didn't drink much. We were home by 1am, cup of Earl Grey in hand, and boiling the kettle for a hot water bottle. Such party animals ;D 

I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in another Halloween night out before it's all over for another year, but we'll have a looky see. 

What are you going as this year? 


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