A Baby Shower Update...


I had a very busy week this week, what with early morning training, late evening training, work, extra work, and events, and so I decided it might be time to give myself a weekend off. Well.... sort of. 

A little while ago I made a trip to London to see my bestie, Chelsea, and went to her baby shower. Well, there's been a bit of an update on that one....


Chelsea had a baby! 

Baby Theo was born last Sunday, and he is lovely! And that's coming from me, who's not a 'baby-person'. I've never held a baby, or even really been around a baby before, so this weekend was an big experience for me. 

I arrived and met Baby Theo, then we decided to head into London for a pub dinner before the lads headed to the rugby, and the girlies (and baby) headed to the living room (to also watch the rugby)! 

 We managed to get Theo's first Tube journey down like a fine art, a mission of someone carrying Theo, while someone else carried the pram, then someone else carrying the nappy bag... phew! But we made a pretty good team I think :) 

We headed to a pub on the Thames called Doggett's for our dinner. There was a table with our name's on it outside on the patio, directly underneath a heat lamp. Perfecto! 


I went for the bangers and mash, with gravy and onion rings. It was delicious, except for the raisins in the gravy, which would be okay if you liked raisins I imagine. Also, onion rings and gravy is a combination I've never considered, but yummy! 

 I love visiting Chelsea and having a catch up. We always seem to have so much to catch up on, no matter how long it's been. And now she has her little family it's even more lovely visiting now.

Did you ever think you'd see the day?! :) 

Lot's of love

Auntie (sort of) Katy


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