3 Easy Halloween Ideas


Happy Halloween Everybody! 

I get so excited about Halloween, I spend way too much money on decorations, go mad on Pinterest looking for inspiration, and make costumes way too complicated. 

So, I thought that I would squeeze in a last minute Halloween post for those of you who haven't managed to sort out your costumes yet this year, have been invited out on a last minute fancy dress outing, or, if you're like me and usually over-complicate your outfit, just want to go for an easier, simpler costume this year. Welcome to...

These costumes are super easy, and they all only need a black liquid eyeliner, red lipstick, and a bronzer for the scarecrow. (I went for a Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Alarm, Loreal Glam Bronze in Golden Bronze, and a Collection Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner)

So, let's get this show on the road! 

1. Spooky Scarecrow

Firstly, I used the bronzer to overly tan the top half of my face, bronzing my forehead, eyelids, down my nose, and my cheeks. 

Once I'd finished with my tanning, I used the eyeliner to draw a line along where the bronzed skin meets the non-bronzed skin. , and then added some little notched along the line so that it looked a bit like stitching. 

I did this again, this time as a little triangle on my nose. 

 I roughed my hair up, added some lipstick, and voila! One Spooky Scarecrow.

2. Kitty Kat

The classic Halloween got to for girls everywhere, the kitty kat! 

I started by using the eyeliner to give myself a little black nose - top tip! Put less pressure on the brush when you brush upwards to give your cat nose a brush effect. So cute! 

I carried on using the eyeliner to draw on whiskers, the cat mouth thing (ahem), and a pair of cat ears. 

Using the lipstick, I rubbed a little on my finger and smudged it on the insides of the ears.

3. Hungry Zombie

My favourite of all three :) 

I smudged black eyeliner under my eyes and slightly towards my cheeks. I added some red as well, using the same, lipstick on the finger technique as with the cat ears. 

 I just then went mental, covering my chin, mouth, and lower cheeks in lipstick, and a little bit of the eyeliner, to try and make it look like I (as a zombie) had just eaten something ;)

 And there you have it. 

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween tonight, and if any of you are out in Christchurch I'll keep an eye out for you! 


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