Down by the River...


Back to term, back to student life. And for me, that means back to rowing. Yippee!

Being in Bournemouth on my own this Summer has been so long, you have no idea how much I cannot wait for everything to start up again and all my rowing buddies to come back! And my butt is in desperate need of some squats. It's been too long.

This evening myself and a few rowers who have come back already headed down to the river, got ourselves some sculls, and paddled our way up (and down) stream. With all the rain and stormy weather we've been having lately, we were so lucky to get a lovely, sunset-y evening.

We just rowed up and down at our own pace, until the sun disappeared, surrounded by greenery, swans, and the local youths in their hoodies - so authentic ;)  

Seeing as it hadn't seen the daylight in a few months, I decided to wear the official kit down to the river. Here we've got Katy modelling an attractive Lycra onesie, a Henley Women's Regatta sweatshirt (complete with initials and logo), and a pair of Matalan flip-flops. Vogue, eat your heart out! 

My fitness has really taken a nose dive over the Summer, and I'm starting to realise how much work it's going to take over the next year (or two) to get myself into the shape I want to be, but still, I can't wait to get started! My issue is that I'm too scrawny - I need to get some meat on my bones! It's time to muscle up, especially my legs, so off to the training I go....

And after any training session, it's always important to relax, put on a (more fluffy) onesie, and treat yourself to a nice cuppa tea...

Night guys! 


P.S. I'll just apologise for the poor quality of the photos from my sculling sesh - I didn't use my phone or camera near the water too much, I'm quite clumsy! :D

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