Reading My Old Diaries


On another trip home I made a fabulous discovery - my old diary collection. 

I've been keeping diaries, on and off, since I was at school. I pretty much usually just keep writing one until it's full, put it in a box, and start a new one. I had no idea how many I'd actually accumulated...! 

And that's not even all of them! 

The think that makes me laugh is that I used to give them little titles, usually a quote from inside the book, like above ("I Lost My Firework Virginity... To A Twinkle" - how cringe ;P)

Then sometimes I'd add a few photos or something... obviously, so that the reader knows who I am, apparently. 

So, I thought for today's post I'd share a few of my quotes with you. Some are super cringe and funny, some need a bit of explaining, but I just had a great time rooting through them all. 

2nd April 2008
"I no longer want to be a teacher - Miss Goodship didn't sound right anyway! I now want to be... a journalist! Magazine. Radio. Television. Top Gear!"

Funny that I'm now an event management student who is terrified of public speaking! 

23rd April 2008
"11:15pm - I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! Can You believe it! 

I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in! I got in!"

Think I was excited that I got into college? 

26th April 2009
"10:31pm - I have made a brill deal with mum. If I get an 'A' grade in any of my subjects (so either textiles, photography and/or geography) then I can get a hamster - but only if I tidy my bedroom as well."

Not sure I ever got that A or the hamster. 

10th May 2010
"11:45pm - Watching Family Guy has inspired me to start my own cartoon. But instead of making it about a family, I'm going to make it about three friends who move into a flat together. It's going to be awesome."

:| there are no words for this, haha. 

21st July 2010
"11:09am - Am off to Swindon shopping in a sec. My foot and ankle is the size of a tree trunk!! I was bitten by a horse fly or something and I've swollen up. Big time!! 

And I wanted to try on shoes today - ugh!!"

So that's that! 

I'll probably be on another trip home soon, so I may have a rummage for my 'memory box' too - I feel all inspired! 



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