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Sitting on my bed, wearing my fleecey onesie, hot chocolate in hand, and the smell of my jasmine oil burner filling the air (so much more poetic on paper than the student room I'm actually sat in that smells so overpowering because, being unpatient, I poured nearly half a bottle of incense in the burner because it wasn't smelly enough :D) I thought about my long list of blog post ideas and chose one that I've been thinking about for a while now - 30 Before 30.

It's pretty self explanatory - I've come up with a list of 30 things that I'd like to get done before I hit the 30 milestone. So without much more ado (is that a saying --- pretty sure that's a saying?) lets get to it....

1. Visit Thailand - I'm thinking go to Thailand, India and possibly Australia all in one hit, depending on how quickly the spondoolies runs out. Plus, I just want to go to the beach where The Beach was filmed... Who knows, Leo may still be lurking around.....

2. Get a Degree - I'm due to complete my Events Management degree in 2017 - this gives me quite a few backup years of failing... Just in case.

3. Be a Bridesmaid - 23 and never been a bridesmaid. Sad times for Katy...

4. Visit America - wouldn't know where to start with this one. I'd love to go to America and do one of those paid trips wear they walk you from one side to the other or something, and just see loads of it in one hit.

5. Win the Lottery - okay, so bit of a long shot - especially for someone who doesn't play the lottery.

6. Learn to Worry Less - I'll come clean... I'm a worrier. If there's something that could possibly go wrong, no matter how small, I'll be worrying about it. But only for another 6 and a half years, if this list comes to anything :) 

7. Upgrade my Car - I love my car, it's the one I learnt in, the only car I've ever owned, and it's got such a lot of character (aka, it breaks a lot and makes a lot of funny noises), but I think the day is going to come when it's time for me to move onto power steering, central locking, and electric windows.

8. Stop Biting my Nails - I've bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, and it sucks! I have a whole pot of pretty nail polishes that I can't use! I've tried everything. I coated my nails in that nasty tasting stuff, just chewed straight through it and got a tummy ache. Not ideal.

9. Cycle to Paris from London - not sure why. Just seems kinda big...

10. Learn how to Cook the Perfect Steak - I always end up with a well done steak, when all I want is a medium - first world problems.

11. Row in Henley Women's Regatta - last year I didn't make the cut, so I've got two more years with Bournemouth UBC - lets do this! 

12. Travel Europe - thinking this may be a cheaper, but still lovely, option if the America or Thailand trips fall through.

13. Complete Tomb Raider on the PS1 - now that I don't get homework (although training may get in the way a bit now) I have a lot of spare evenings - so I'm thinking that now is the time to give completing tomb raider a good go! 

14. Cycle from London to Brighton - My mum did this years ago. I went to support her, got lost, and ended up on the nudist beach - it was a day of experiences for the whole family. Plus, this one seems less ambitious than the Paris one. Maybe this can be a warm up....

15. Expand my Recipe List - add some newbies, elaborate some oldies...

16. Continue to Blog - so far so good...

17. Get Back Into Photography - it's been so long since I last left the house with my camera. It's a shame to waste the three years of college time I put in!

18. Complete a 365 Project - I've attempted this for the last 4 or 5 years, and failed every time. Maybe next year...

19. Go on (another) Girlie Holiday - Chelsea and I went to Sardinia two years ago on a girly holiday. It was lovely. We spent all morning on the beach, moved into the shady poolside, then took an afternoon nap. It was all good, except when we ran out of money midway through the week, and had to live off of a vending machine that we'd found.

20. Drink More Water - We've been over this one before - I have a real issue with remembering to keep hydrated. Before I started trying to drink more everyday I was lucky if I drank a pint of water a day. This made me really poorly (aaaw) and so I made a little mid-year resolution to drink more water, and I feel so much better for it already!

21. Try Paddle Boarding - that thing you see all the cool people doing when you go to the beach, when they push themselves along on a surfboard using a paddle. That.

22. Bring in the New Year in Australia/New York - either or both would be fine with me :)

23.  Learn to Play the Trumpet - I mentioned to my dad once that I'd love to be able to play the trumpet, and the following Christmas I unwrapped one. I was so shocked I had no reaction and he thought I didn't like it. I had it a few years now, but haven't had the time or patience to give it a real shot.

24. Start Wearing Jewellery - I have a few issues with jewellery... firstly, my wrists are so skinny they don't hold bracelets very well. They either slip and slide about or they just fall off. Secondly, I'm not very good on buying jewellery - I tend to just buy one necklace at a time, wear it until it either breaks or disappears, then just replace it with another. And thirdly, I do not like to draw attention to my hands, thanks to the whole nail biting thing, so rings are a big no-no.

25. Get a Massage - my mum and I used to have girly pamper evenings, but I was too ticklish around my sides, neck, armpits, and even the backs of my knees to have a lovely massage. Now I'm more mature (pfft!... hey!) I'd like to give it another go, see what all the fuss is about...

26. Go to a Country's Border - just stand between two countries and take it all in.

27. Become a 'Yes' Person - not quite to the extreme as 'Yes Man' - there's a limit. But I'd like to learn to say yes more often to things that scare me or that I don't think I want to do. There have been so many times when I would've backed out of things if I'd had the choice, but they turned out to be some of the best experiences of my life - rowing at BUCS last year is a great example! 

28. Be a Tourist in London - I've never seen Madam Tussaud's, been in the Tower of London... and I hear that there is a Cat Cafe around? 

29. Be able to run 10k (without collapsing) - I will do squats, I will gladly row a mile, but I don't do running.

30. Wear a Floor Length Dress - I've missed so many opportunities to wear a floor length dress - prom, annual dinner, countless weddings - so this is something that I definitely want to give a go one day. 

And that's my 30 Before 30 list. If you have any of your own bucket list must-dos, or if you think there's anything I missed off the list, let me know in the comments. 

Until next time...


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