Post-Fest Pamper


Katy here, fashioning the hand henna - definitely not pulling the look off ;) 

The best thing about a festival, aside the music, crazy fashion, and general funzies... is the feeling you get when you get home. A lovely hot shower, home cooked food, and a bouncy bed that you don't have to pump up. 

When I arrived home with a car full of dusty belongings yesterday, fresh (or not) from Camp Bestival, I was ready for all these things... but first, I had some sorting out to do! 

My skin was feeling pretty dry and my hair was like a nest, so it was time for a pamper (cue the movie style montage)!

First things first.... My poor face. 

A girly pamper evening would not be a girly pamper evening without a face mask, and this girly pamper evening was not let down. I recently discovered that H&M do incredible face masks (thanks to their sneaky 'by-the-till' merchandising), and they are super! They come in all sorts of flavours, including Olive Oil, Cucumber, and Goji Berry (as fashioned by my mum in the last blog post) and only cost 99p each! And I won't lie, there is more than enough in each sachet to cover your face, which is always a worry of me and my big head! 

I went for a Honey flavoured peel off number, Mmmmm Mmm! You can't beat a classic peel off mask! 

The peel-off bit is a bit disgusting, but relaxing all the same... 

Now that the face was all soft, it was time to confront the hair....

About one step away from dreadlocks by the end of the weekend. My dry shampoo had been well and truly exploited this week, hence the crazy volume going down. The first step was to give it a good ol' brush. I won't lie, I don't brush my hair often - I'd say once before I wash it, once after I wash it, and then I'm set for a few days. But this was something else! 

 Two shampoos and a deep condition later, a half an hour of brushing, and a blow dry (using a brush, mousse and everything!), and I was feeling fresh. 


Now all that's left is unpacking, cleaning, and laundry - it never ends! 

I've got a rather busy week approaching, starting in the next few days. I'm moving house, I have a baby shower/engagement party to go to, and work work work. I'll just add, if anyone has any experience or tips for someone who is moving out of one room and into another in another house, please share, I would love and approciate any help! 

And off to bed I go!  

Love you 


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