Moving Day (well, week)


Sat in my new lovely room on this rainy August evening that could've come straight out of November.

I've been laying low on the blogging front this week. They're not lying when they say that moving house is a stress! And I've only been moving a room down the road! I dread to think of what it must be like to move an entire house.

This week was finally moving week for me, time to move all my clutter from one messy room into another. And it's times like these that I start to realise how much stuff I actually own... think my eBay account is going to have to have some attention some time soon. 

I chose a stunning evening to start moving out, on Monday. Check out this sky - the only editing to this photo is the cropping, I haven't changed the colour at all. 

I travelled around every evening after work with various loads of kit, including a shelving unit, countless plants, and a bike, until my old room was completely empty. 

It's quite sad really, to see it so bare. 

But I've started arranging it all in my new bedroom, and I'd like to say that it's starting to take shape now, but it's really not. 

 And a moving day wouldn't be complete without takeaway! Thank you, Chickie One.


After I've spent the whole weekend packing and unpacking and putting stuff away, it's time to repack a few of those bits into an overnight bag, and head to London for my bestie's Baby Shower/Engagement Party, which is very exciting. I've also got a post for a (kind of) tour of my new room in the works, inspired by a few vlogs I've spotted.

Have a lovely weekend 

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