July Instagram and Camp Bestival


What a busy weekend I've just come to the end of! I can't wait to have a lovely sit down, watch some crappy telly, and then..... go to bed early, in a lovely, fluffy bed. #winning

I've made a little decision to merge two mini-blog posts together this evening, I'm going to have an Instagram catchup, and a weekend update in one. Mainly because I haven't actually done enough Instagraming this month to fill up a whole post, but also because I want to get it all out :)

 Last weekend my mum came to Bournemouth for a visit, and she brought chocolates, wine, Pringles, and I provided some face masks. It was a proper, old school, girly sleepover.

Then, I headed to Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle for a week. I love festivals, they're like a fantasy world. Other than living off of canned curries, letting my hair near dreadlock itself, and just portaloos in general, it's lovely.

After I've recovered from my busy weekend, I've got a post on my festival-after pamper at the ready.


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