Chelsea's Baby Shower


I love a weekend away, and this weekend was a lovely treat for Katy. 

My bestie, Chelsea, moved to London last year, and I don't get to see her as much as I used to, which is a bit of a bummer, but this weekend I made the coach trip to go for a weekend visit. 

It wasn't just any old visit though, Chelsea was hosting her Baby Shower and Engagement Party. And it was the first baby shower/engagement party for both of us, so we didn't really know what to organise, but I think Chelsea did a great job :) 

It was a two and a half hour coach trip to get to London, then an hour or so on the underground (although, any trip on the tube with me leading the way usually takes over an hour!). I went for my comfy jeans, and a baggy crop top, because you can't go wrong with comfy jeans and a baggy crop top (I hope). 

I did very well, packing only one small(ish) hand luggage bag, and then a separate bag for Chelsea's (and baby's) prezzie. 

Chelsea's prezzie was a selection on baby must-haves that I'd collected (with a little help from my mum - because mum always knows best). I also popped a few Chelsea treats in there, like face masks - you know how much I appreciate a face mask. 

It was so lovely seeing Chelsea again. As I said, we don't get to see each other much now that she's in London and I'm working in Bournemouth. I was the first to arrive to the party, so we set about setting a few bits up, putting my stuff out of the way, and slowly tucking into the sweets and treats. 



I set about a Pimms too. It's not a summer party without Pimms.

Once other people had arrived, Chelsea's fiance served a homemade Paella. It was my first taste of paella, and it was delicioso! 

We spent the rest of the day chilling in the garden, playing ping pong, and swinging in the hammock. And we were in bed and ready for sleep by eleven too - my perfect idea of a party ;) 

The next day they took me to Westfield for a spot of baby shopping. We stopped off at Giraffe for breakfast. I went for a made up breakfast of Sourdough toast, scrabbled egg, and herbie sausage, finished off with an Earl Grey Tea. 

 I'm all pooped out after a busy weekend, so I'm ready to take it easy... for an evening! 

Then back on it tomorrow! Wish me luck! 


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