50 Things in my (NEW) Room


I can't believe it's been over a whole week since I started moving into my new house, and I'm still sorting everything out. I started writing myself a little to do list this morning, but it turned out to be not-so 'little' and I had to stop before I gave myself a breakdown!

This blog post has been the end of me! I was vlog-inspired for today's post... sort of. I spend a lot of time on YouTube, and, while I don't have the voice, confidence, or ideas to make my own vlogs, I always come away feeling all inspired. So I thought I'd attempt a half blog, half vlog for today, and see how it goes.

You may have seen a few things like this knocking around. Basically, I'll show you '50 things in my room', as the title suggests. I've tried to show a few of the more interesting things from my room, and I've added a few explanations (some of the items require a bit of an explanation I feel).

(Hopefully that's actually worked!) 

 Glove Puppet
This cutie was a birthday present from my boyfriend, amongst other things. He chose this guy because he looked a bit like my real dog, Jester. Good choice!

 Charity Shop Nikes
Not very exciting, but I am so proud of this purchase! My dad and I spotted them in a charity shop window on the way to the pub but there was no price tag. I went in the next day and asked about them - and they were only £10. Bargain! And so much easier to choose than my other pair , where I had a choice of about 20 colours!

'Look Mum, Both Hands'
At our rowing Annual Dinner we hand out some awards, like most improved rower, and rowers rower and things like that. But this year, there were some more fun awards too, like this one, the 'Look Mum, Both Hands' award. I won it for rowing on both sides of the boat during one race weekend, which stressed me out A LOT. 

Valentine's Day Card
I love a Valentine's Day card. This was from my pooches (classic), as was the chocolate roses in the video. Aren't they thoughtful!

I have a big issue with hydrating myself... In that I don't. Recently it's made me feel really ill, down and, after talking to my boyfriend about it we discovered that I was lucky if Iwas drinking a pint of water a day! So now, I make sure there'sa always a full bottle nearby. 

And that's it for now. When I've sorted my room out a little bit more I'll give you a proper room tour. 

Love and hugs 

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