Holiday Home (ish)


As I said in my last post, I have left the sunny land of Bournemouth for a few days, and returned home to Wiltshire. I'll be living in Bournemouth next year while I complete a placement for my uni course, but I had a sudden realisation that most of my friends would be leaving for a whole year! 

So, before I start the mad rush of working 9 to 5, I popped home to have my summer visit to the famm, the pooches, the cats.... And a new addition to our family. 

Guys, meet Kevin...

My mum had always wanted a pet tortoise, and here that tortoise finally is! Having been used to fluffy animals I was a bit nervous of Kevin, but he is so funny. I had no idea a tortoise could move around the garden so fast. 
Then obviously the old gang was still about. Charlie and Jester were home and ready for cuddles. 
Although they're very short this year, my summer holidays so far have been lovely. I started with a visit to my boyfriend's hometown, which was lovely. It was just like being on an actual holiday away, especially when we were hit with the heatwave. All modesty went straight out the window and mini-mini shorts were in! We treated it as a very lazy couple of days, mainly just relaxing and chilling out, but one day was spent at Drusillas Zoo Park - two animal parks in one week, how lucky am I?! 
Now I'm home-home it's so nice to have a little break from Bournemouth life :) not to mention being lucky enough to have my dinner cooked for me for a while! 

Just like being on holiday :) 

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