A Good Lorikeet Poo Remover?


I apologise before we start, but there's going to be a lot of animal related excitement in this post. There seems to be a theme of me starting each post at the moment with some sort of confession, so brace yourself...

I confess - I am one of those animal lovers that scrolls through my Facebook, ignoring all my closest friends' updates, and scrolling straight to the hilarious cat compilations, lost dog reunited, and elephants being rescued from wells, and whatnot, videos. My Instagram likes page is just as filled with pooch pics as it is with food photos (don't even get me started on that one 😍), and there was a day last year when I finally accepted that my followers on Twitter were only half human - the others usually had fur and four legs.

So, as you can imagine, a trip to Longleat Safari park really got my excitement going.

It was a lovely little family trip to make the most of my time visiting home - more on that later! The mum, the stepdad, the granny, and then me, and a few lions, tigers, and... Monkeys? (oh my!)

We were in a bit of a scrabble, as always, so we started with a sweep of the walk around animal enclosures, walked among the meerkats, and admired the new dinosaurs. I thought I'd be friendly and feed the Lorikeets, but this turned out to be a huge mistake (btw, if anyone knows a good remover for Lorikeet Poo, please comment below!) 

After that we watched a parrot show, and compared the tortoises in the pen to our very own Kevin - I must say, Kevin seems a lot more energised. 

We paid a little bit extra for seats on the safari bus - I don't think Mic was too happy at the thought of having his car serviced by monkeys - and caught that after a spot of lunch. 

(Sorry for the poor quality of photographs, guess which nana forgot to take her profesh camera out for the day!)

 And then back to the main park for a final few hours of animal spotting. The butterfly house was a bit unsettling, as beautiful as they are, and I can't even describe the smell of the penguin enclosure to you (think fish, then strengthen it by ten, peeyew!).

I can't wait to visit again! 

I've got a few days of blog posts planned, and the library computers booked up (cu-yute!), so hopefully I shall see you again soon :) 



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