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What a busy few months I've had, I feel like I haven't sat down since April! I've been really busy with rowing, rowing training, rowing race days, rowing 'messing around on the river'... so a lot of rowing. But there's been a few other bits and bobs as well. And, usually in the bottom of my handbag in amongst the biscuit crumbs, empty water bottles, and receipts there is my phone, with Instagram ready to go.

And I thought, before we go much further, I'd show you these photos :) hope you enjoy!

1. Snapchat Story 
I went through a bit of an artist stage with my snapchat stories, and shared a few of them on Instagram too. 

 2. That Beach Life
Snapchat again :) The best thing about living in Bournemouth is the beach on summery days. And whenever I make a trip to the seaside, my Instagram and Snapchat followers always receive a bit of material :)

3. Race Day
I can't remember what race this is specifically, I think it might be the Henley Head Races, but any race day is exciting! Even if it does take up all of my time in the weeks beforehand - sorry, uni work! 

4. Meh, Close Enough
Any fellow 'Katy with a Y's out there will understand my pain in this photo. This was the first time I'd ever gone to Starbucks and had my name written on a take away cup, so it was an Instagram moment. This was the day of the Men's Head of the River Race, which is the same course that the Oxford-Cambridge annual race takes, so was a very exciting race to support (Go, BUBC!)

5. Visits Home
My favourite thing about visiting home is seeing the furry friends again! Obviously, they're a little harder to keep in contact with than the family, so a hug when I'm home is always a treat :) 

6. Birthday Lunch
My birthday was in May, and amongst all the prezzies and treats out was this delight. My mum and I popped to the seafront Harvester for a spot of lunch. 

7. Father's Day
This wasn't actually taken on Father's Day, but this guy came to visit and pop out for (another) spot of lunch. Bit of a grey day, but that's still not a reason to hold us back from the beach. 

8. Messing About on the River
In between training days we sometimes get a little bit of play time, and this was one such day. Me and a fellow BUBC member headed out for a trip in a pair boat... which mainly meant that we rowed up to the top of the river, then let the boat drift back down to the boathouse while we had a bit of a catchup. #bliss

9. Annual Dinner
Sure, the racing and training is hard, but it's all worth it when you get to celebrate a good year at the end. This is all the girls who chose to wear white to our annual dinner, including a slightly tipsy (oops) me at the end. 

10. Summer Ball
And it wouldn't be a complete uni year if the Summer Ball didn't show itself. I think most uni's have them, but ours goes along the outdoor festival route, with fancy dress. In this you've got a little mermaid, the Queen of Clubs, Tinkerbell, and two ballerinas (my housemate is Black Swan, and I am White Swan). Such fun. 

I hope you enjoyed this little catchup, I'll post more when I have them :) If you want more of my Instagrams in the mean time, feel free to look me up



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